I’m a business writer by day, but I’m a creative writer and podcast host at heart. I write poetry and inspirational stories and then mix them with music and positive vibes. Why? Because I’m called to do it. After my mom’s illness, I had to admit to myself that I wasn’t living my best life. I was standing on the sidelines, afraid to express myself, afraid to let my creative voice come out.

My mom's health continued to decline, and I was in crisis mode for over a year. During that time, I instinctively started writing poetry while waiting around in hospitals. Writing was my way out of the sadness, and I began to see a pattern in my poetry. There were little glimpses of hope. Even the dark poems I wrote seemed to end with a bright or positive message. Those small positive feelings grew, and this passion project was born. A more authentic way of living began to manifest as I turned my struggles into strength.

Now I'm sharing what I've learned, and showcasing the power of creativity to help reduce caregiver stress, add purpose and meaning to our lives, find more joyful moments, and build positive personal growth habits. Join me as we come together in this community to turn struggle into strength.

This is where we live in the moment.
This is where we make time for self-care.
This is where we explore creative tools and resources on journaling, creative flow, mindfulness, and personal growth.
This is where we come to fill our cups and be inspired.

Let the Verse Flow is for you if you want:

  • a creative dose of positivity
  • creative self-care tips, tools, and resources that had meaning and purpose to your life (and ease caregiver stress)
  • a blend of inspiration and practical tips to help you journey through caregiver stress or grief
  • a playful mix of stories, spoken word poetry, and music to inspire your personal growth goals

I invite you to join my community, share your voice, and revive your creative spirit. Please enjoy my reflections from the bright side of the beat. 🌞

Journaling 101: An Inspirational Guide to Start (or Revive) a Practice
Whether you write, doodle, draw, or keep memorable quotes, journaling uncovers YOU. Let your unconscious mind speak, download my free guide.

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