🎶Music makes everything better! While some people are purists, I like to mix it up and listen to music from many genres. When I was young, I listened to lots of Rock, Folk, Soul, and Disco. Then in college, it was 80s New Wave, Alternative Rock, and Electronica. When my daughter became a teenager, she introduced me to hip-hop (and it stuck).

Here's my Season One LTVF music playlist. It features Prince, Bob Marley, Katy Perry, J. Cole, and Kenny Kirkland (my mom loves jazz). These are the songs that have inspired the first season of my podcast. I hope you will enjoy them too! The Let the Verse Flow YouTube channel is up and running! Have a listen to the podcast trailer where I talk about getting off autopilot for good.

Trailer: A Mashup of Stories, Poetry & Music for Personal Growth
Living on autopilot may keep things going. The trouble is, we rarely want to go where it takes us. I’m Jill Hodge, a writer who loves a good beat. I created…

The Let the Verse Flow Podcast trailer

Until next time, I hope you stay on the bright side of the beat. 🌞