The Me-Time Mixtape: Three essential hand-curated links and resources on creative self-care. Carve out some me time this week!

In addition to today's new podcast episode (#26) on Mindful Living Through Meditation, I'm sharing resources on mindfulness:

  • Mindful breathing pacers (graphics that you can use to sync your breathing for instant stress relief)
  • An article on the significance of mandala with ...
  • A practical mindfulness guide


#1 Mindful Breathing Pacers

These mindful breathing pacing graphics (GIFs) can be useful when you need a momentary refresh. Try this grounding breathing exercise the next time you need a mindfulness break: open the bookmark, find a GIF you connect with (I love the donut and pizza ones), and then use the pacer for up to five breaths. That little refresher can work wonders to bring you back to a more peaceful and calm state.

Mindful Breathing GIFs | Tenor
Click to view the GIF

Click here

#2 Mandalas

If you are like me and need something perceptual to hang on to as you begin to meditate, one possible tool is a mandala. The beauty and symbolism of these circular designs have been used for years to focus attention while meditating. Recent trends include coloring mandalas as a way to relax and settle the mind down. Read more about these beautiful circular symbols and the ways they connect us to the present moment.

Significance of Mandalas and Why We Hang Them On Our Walls - Meditation Magazine
What are Mandalas? The original meaning of Mandala is “circle.” Mandalas are meant to represent fullness, wholeness, and infinity, helping us understand what exists beyond the world we inhabit. Mandala is seen all around us, in the moon, sun, and Earth. If you study how your family and social lives work, you will also see […]

#3 Comprehensive Mindfulness Guide

This guide outlines everything from definitions and benefits to establishing a practice to mindful tips to use at work. It also discusses variants of mindfulness like mindfulness-based stress reduction, mindfulness for kids, and ways to combine mindfulness and gratitude. Finally, you’ll find links to their favorite mindfulness videos. Check it out. (I like the 3-minute breathing space and Mindfulness Meditation for Kids – so simple and relaxing).

How To Practice Mindfulness: 10 Practical Steps and Tips
Various ways to introduce mindfulness in your life, with valuable resources.

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