The Me-Time Mixtape: Three essential hand-curated links to resources on creative self-care. Carve out some me time this week!

Sometimes I'm my worst critic. Whether it's badmouthing myself for messing up or allowing myself to engage in some pretty rude internal chatter about my age, I don't always treat myself well.

The other day, I stopped myself in my tracks and thought, "Do you hear how you are talking to yourself?" You know that phrase phrase "thoughts are things?" It's not hard to convince ourselves that we are less than, but who has time for that? Not me! And I want better for you too.

This week's links are all about positively affirming yourself. Check them out.

#1 Are We Taking Our Affirmations Too Seriously? 🤣🤣🤣

You might have heard that I plan to release some short bonus podcast episodes featuring affirmation meditations. Don't worry, I won’t turn into SNL’s Stuart Smalley, I promise!

Just for a chuckle, here's a great episode from SNL’s Daily Affirmation with Stuart Smalley (featuring Michael Jordan). My favorite phrases from this very funny video:

That’s OK (said repeatedly).
Only you can help you.
All I have to do is be the best Michael I can be.
Would you like a hug?
Daily Affirmation: Michael Jordan - SNL
On his show “Daily Affirmation”, Stuart Smalley (Al Franken) is joined by special guest Michael Jordan. Jordan joins Smalley in a daily affirmation despite t…

You're good enough. You're smart enough. And doggonit, people like you. 🤣

#2 An Affirmation Meditation to Keep Your Dreams Alive

I hope you'll listen to my first affirmation meditation (below), but please don't tell me I sound like Stuart Smalley! Listeners have asked me to create meditations; they find my voice soothing (very nice to hear). I used to attend weekly meditation classes and have been learning new affirmation/meditation techniques. Here's an affirmation meditation from last week's podcast episode on keeping your dreams alive.

LTVF S2 E18: Affirmation Meditation to Keep Dreams Alive

#3 Customize Your Me Time

Brought to you by the nonprofit, this self-care day webpage offers me-time resources and advice for a variety of self-care activities: sleep time, time in nature, time with your pet, exercise, and art time. Crisis Text Line offers free, 24/7, confidential mental health support in English and Spanish. I love their fresh, fun graphics (and their mental health services are vital).

Self-Care Day

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Latest Podcast Episode: Affirmations & Action to Keep Your Dreams Alive

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P.S.: Which link are you clicking first? I hope you'll hit reply and let me know. I’d love to hear from you. 📧

Journaling Resources (Try the 30-Day Journal Challenge)

You can do this journal challenge any month. As we say goodbye to January, consider starting in February. Get started, even if you don't journal every day of the month. It still counts!

The Benefits of Journaling for Mental Health & Wellness
13 of the top benefits of journaling for mental health and wellness in plain English -- totally relatable and ready to put into practice.
30-Day Journal Challenge (Writing Prompts to Get Started)
Here’s a fun & simple 30-day journal challenge for beginners (or those who need inspiration). Use the daily prompts to rediscover yourself.

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