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This is a transcript from the season one trailer of the Let the Verse Flow Podcast.

It was as if I had never seen a fuzzy bumblebee bobbing in the cradle of a flower. I had never seen a magenta kite floating over deep indigo swells. I had never seen a turtle glide past me on his lazy journey to the next bite of squid. In reality, I had seen all these things at one time or another. But later began to question: was I seeing to have seen, and also had I seen without seeing?

Have You Been Living on Autopilot?

Have you been living on autopilot lately? You know, where you wake up, do stuff (mostly work), eat, watch shows, go to sleep, and then repeat. Yeah, me too. I was caught up in the daily grind―work and relationship stress, illness, fear, and anxiety. It was piling up and I was merely getting by (and not doing a good job at it).

And then my mother got sick, jolting me off autopilot and into an alternate universe filled with emergency rooms, sadness, chaos, and fear. It was a dark time, but slowly a small voice started calling out to me. No, I wasn’t going crazy, although it crossed my mind a few times. I started writing poetry again, listening to music, and breaking down lyrics and verses as a way of coping. And slowly, I felt better. In hindsight, I realized I was using my creativity and mindfulness to achieve little touches of brightness. The reassuring voice grew louder and it said that I was getting stronger from all this struggle.

Creativity & Mindfulness: a Path to Personal Growth

Now, I’m sharing what I discovered. Creative pursuits―writing, music, dance, photography, drawing, being mindful in nature, and hobbies―can help us get off autopilot and find more purpose and meaning in our lives. It turns out that what I learned during my mom’s illness was a gift, sometimes painful but always meaningful too. And never on autopilot.

My new podcast, Let the Verse Flow, is an evolving show about my journey to use creativity, mindfulness, and positive reframing to move through my struggles to build greater emotional strength and personal fulfillment. It’s a new kind of self-help podcast―a soulful mashup of storytelling, poetry, and music about the hows and whys of finding small moments of happiness. I hope you’ll join me on an adventure, as we make time to share and reflect on the bright side of the beat.

How Can Let the Verse Flow Help?

I’m Jill Hodge, writer and host of Let the Verse Flow, a new biweekly personal growth podcast. Let the Verse Flow is where I share personal stories, original poems, and music with you as we journey to turn our struggles into strength.

Together, we'll explore tools like:

  • mindfulness
  • gratitude
  • positive reframing
  • journaling
  • creativity and flow states
  • wellness practices (exercise, time in nature, meditation)

I'll try these tools, share my experiences (through poetry, music, and stories) and encourage you to try them too. It’s a new brand of self-improvement, a show about tapping into creativity and connection to find more peace, positivity, and personal fulfillment.

Listen to Let the Verse Flow on Your Podcast Player of Choice

You can listen to LTVF on all major podcast apps like Apple, Google and Spotify

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Songs in this episode:

Empty Space by Sean Daugherty; Vali Drop by Reggie B

Journaling 101: An Inspirational Guide to Start (or Revive) a Practice
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