As Valentine's Day approaches and we ready ourselves to show love to the special people in our lives, let's not forget ourselves.

Let's not forget how fabulous we are, with our unique talents and ways of seeing the world.
Let's spend time doing things that feel good, brighten our mood, and nourish our spirit.
Let's have an expansive view of our abilities, and leave negative self-talk behind.

Why does self-love get a bad rap, while it's easy to believe all the negative thoughts that cycle through our heads? Why is it easier to listen to that internal (or external) negative chatter than to take 15 minutes or so each day to affirm our loveable selves? I say it stops today! Here's my Self-Love Manifesto. Repeat after me:

a yellow and pink gradient background with affirmation statements about self-love
Repeat daily and often until you hear these thoughts as your own.

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