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This is a transcript from episode #20 of the Let the Verse Flow Podcast.

An affirmation meditation to help you set an intention for your life's dreams; pair that intention with a positive mindset and flexible expectations, and you are ready to work to make them happen.


This affirmation meditation is a companion to episode #18 of the podcast called Affirmations and Actions to Keep Your Dreams Alive. Welcome. Find a comfortable seated or lying position, and let's begin.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, releasing any tension that your body may be holding. These first few breaths are just meant to reset your body a bit and help you release any tension. Don’t strain to inhale or exhale too deeply, you are just taking a few cleansing breaths.

After taking those 3 deep breaths, I hope you feel a bit refreshed; your mind and body can now settle into a natural breathing cadence while you let go of any thoughts that may be occupying your mind. It’s time to begin to let go of any lingering thoughts and focus your attention on a nice, rhythmic breath.

Feel the gentle rhythm of your breath, the steady flow of air entering and leaving your body. With each breath, check in with your body for any tension and gently release it.

Release the muscles in your neck, shoulders, arms and chest. Relax. Let your hips and legs become loose and relaxed.

This is your time to affirm something deeply important to you. Your dreams. Those plans for your life that you may not know exactly how to tackle but that call you. Let’s take some time and space for our dreams.

Linger here for a moment and relax into a pattern of steady slow breathing, making space for your dreams to come into your mind now.

Today you will affirm your dream by setting an intention for it. You will keep an open mind and invite your dreams into your world. Allow yourself to affirm these thoughts.

I invite all the thoughts about my dreams into my life.
I invite them to come into my mind.
I am inviting dreams to come to the surface and let themselves be known.
I like thinking about my dreams, being fully present with them.
I want to make time for my dreams.
I want to believe in the possibility of my dreams.
I make time for them. I believe in them.
As I find pleasure in thinking about them, I realize this safe and quiet place feels good.
I feel good spending time with my dreams.
I take a few breaths and ease into knowing that I have created a safe and quiet place for my dreams to arise.

Now I start to settle my mind on one dream. I call up a picture of that activity or project or desire. I see what I want and paint a detailed picture of the one dream. I take a few more breaths while I sit with that dream. What is it? What does it mean to me?

To support this dream, I affirm these actions.

I will focus on my dream with a positive mindset.
I will speak my dream into existence by setting an intention for it.
I choose to feel positive about my dream.
I choose to explore my dream, to know it and to seek it out.
I have the power to work toward my dream.
I will take one step at a time.
Working toward my dreams will feel good. It will be a gift that I give to myself.
I will work toward this dream.
I will take action to make it come to life.
My dream is not just a wish, it is a promise to myself.
I don’t need anyone else’s approval to pursue this dream.
I breathe life into this dream. This dream is mine.
I will stay positive when I think of this dream and then work towards it.
Obstacles that I encounter will be a stepping stone on my journey towards my dream.
I am resilient, and I can handle setbacks. They will fuel my determination to succeed.
I trust in the timing of my life, knowing that each step forward brings me closer to my dream.
I release any fear or self-doubt, embracing the confidence that resides within me.
I am open to receiving the support and opportunities that align with my dream.
I am strong, I am capable, I am empowered to make it a reality.
I will take care of this dream.
I will take care of myself.

Feel the positive energy of these affirmations and allow yourself to feel hopeful about your future and the dream that you want to realize. As you hold on to your dream, imagine yourself taking intentional steps to make it a reality.

Begin to imagine the first steps and actions you will take to work toward your dream. Do not be afraid to take those first actions for they will create a path toward your dream.

Picture the joy you will feel as you work toward your dream. Imagine the feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment that will come into your life as you take steps closer and closer to your dream.

Now, take a moment to express gratitude for this dream. Be grateful that it has come into your life, that it has helped you have hope in achieving your desires.

Though you may struggle, you can still dream. You still have hope that things can change, that you can grow and that new opportunities will come from your intention and hard work.

If you can dream, you still have hope.
If you can dream, you still have hope.

Feel grateful for that hope and remember that it lives within you.

Slowly bring your awareness back to your breath, and carry these comforting thoughts with you throughout your day. When you're ready, gently open your eyes, bringing the positive energy and determination from this meditation into your day. Remember, your dreams are alive within you, and with each day, you are nurturing their growth.

May your journey be filled with purpose, passion, and the unwavering belief that your dreams are not just possibilities but promises waiting to be fulfilled.

Thank you for being here with me.

This affirmation meditation accompanies episode #18 on Affirmations & Actions to Keep Your Dreams Alive. First, we speak our dreams into existence, through visualization and by setting an intention; then, we take action to move toward our dream. Along the way, we have to adapt, pivot, and grow but keeping our dreams alive is an active state of being.

Music: Lucid Dreams by Craig Allen Fravel; sourced and licensed for use via Soundstripe.

Note: Please listen to this affirmation meditation in a safe and comfortable environment, free from potential distractions. Find a quiet and secure space where you can fully engage with the meditation without interruption. This affirmation meditation strives to promote a positive mindset and encourage creative well-being. However, it is not a substitute for professional mental health advice and treatment. If you are facing mental health challenges, please seek the guidance of a qualified mental health professional for personalized support and care.

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